The Hockey Shop is the highest quality sharpening and skate maintenance shop in the Binghamton Metropolitan area. Our great equipment, reliable sharpening methods, and experienced staff will give you the best possible skate sharpening.


Properly sharpening your skates right after purchasing them and after every 10-15 hours of ice time is critical to maintaining your skating abilities. Goalies, however, should sharpen their skates slightly less frequently. 

Your runners should be able to withstand 150 sharpenings, but having a less-experienced sharpener (or an experienced sharpener who uses poor methods or machinery) sharpen your skates can cut that number in half. On top of that, improper sharpening will give you less speed and control on the ice. Proper skate sharpening will better maintain your runners and give you the correct grip you need.

Heat thermoforming/FITTING

Most (but not all) skates require or stand to greatly benefit from heat thermoforming (i.e., molding) before being used. This will give you a much more comfortable fit and quicker break-in times than just wearing the skates straight out of the box. Over at The Hockey Shop, we use Bauer and CCM hockey skate ovens to safely and efficiently mold your new skates to your feet.


Profiling is grinding and shaping the "rocker" radius of the blade. This affects how much of your blade touches the ice. Having more blade touch the ice gives you faster speeds and more stability; having less blade touch the ice gives you easier pivoting, turning, and control over agility. Skate blades can be profiled to improve speed, turning, and stability. However, having poorly profiled blades or a profile that doesn't match your style and stance can cause muscle fatigue, reduced skating efficiency, and less power for shooting and passing.



Regular Sharpen - $10
New Sharpen - $25
Profile - $10+ based on time
Cross Grind - $10
Heat Molding - $25
Boot Punch - $10

Mount - $15
Unmount - $15
Holder - cost of parts
Steel - cost of parts
Eyelets - $5
Rivets - $5